El Cajon Real Estate


El Cajon is a city is the eastern portion of San Diego County. El Cajon is bordered by Santee to the north, Lakeside to the East, Rancho San Diego to the South and Fletcher Hills/San Carlos to the west. Over 100,000 residents call El Cajon home, making it the largest incorporated city in “East County” (which refers to cities east San Diego State University. El Cajon, Spanish for “Big Box”, is surrounded by lush mountains on 3 sides and sits in a valley. The entire city of El Cajon takes up approximately 14 Sq. Miles of Land. The highest elevation in El Cajon is 435ft. There is over 196 Miles of Streets and over 300 lights.

El Cajon has a consistent weather pattern similar to that of San Diego. El Cajon is considered to have a “Mediterranean Climate” and averages 70 or higher in the summer months and around 60 in the winter months. August tends to be the hottest month of the year with temperatures approaching 90. December is considered the coldest month with average “low” temperatures in the low to mid 40’s. Although El Cajon averages nearly 12 inches per year in annual rainfall,  which occurs mostly during winter with little to no rain during the summer months. Since 2006, El Cajon has not met its average rainfall totals and has been near “drought” conditions. Water restrictions have been in place for several years.

In 1845 Maria Antonia Estudillo received the land known as “Rancho El Cajon” from her husband. The is the land that the city of El Cajon is located on. About 30 years later, a hotel was constructed by a New Englander who wanted to provide a place of rest for gold discoverers on their way to Julian from San Diego. Since 1912, El Cajon has been an Incorporated City.

Of the over 100,000 residents of El Cajon, over 69% are white, 6% African American, 3% Asian, and the rest being of Chinese, Indian, or other races. The median age for all residents of El Cajon is 33. There is over 34,000 households within the city limits. The median household income is nearly $42,0000, which is 17,000 less than the California State average.

Westfield Parkway Plaza is the largest shopping center in El Cajon. Parkway Plaza is occupied by over 100 stores and house “big box” retailers such as Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sears, and Macy’s among many others. The city of El Cajon has 10 companies employing over 250 people. The local community college district (Grossmont – Cuyamaca) employs nearly 1,500. GKN Aerospace Chem-Tronics employs over 600 people followed by the City of El Cajon and Taylor Guitars, with 450+ and 300+, respectively. The local high school district employs nearly 300 people a well.

El Cajon provides a great location to raise a family and purchase El Cajon real estate. El Cajon currently has 26 Elementary Schools, 6 Middle Schools (aka Junior High Schools), 7 High Schools, 2 community colleges and 1 private university. In addition to schools, El Cajon has 17 parks, 6 community recreation centers, 2 libraries, a performing arts center and 76 churches.

Gillespie Field, El Cajon’s local airport is used and occupied by many plane hobbyists. In addition to hobbyists, Gillespie Field also provides private jet services and is home to fire and medical transpost helicopters. The runway is approximately 5,342’ long, which is 70% of the size of San Diego’s Lindberg Field.

El Cajon is the hometown of many famous people. Brian Giles and his brother Marcus Giles (Baseball), along with Jimmie Johnson (Nascar) went to Granite Hills High School. Other athletes such as Kurt Bevacqua, the Boone brothers,  Joe Kennedy, Mark Malone and Greg Louganis.

Downtown El Cajon has undergone a major revitalization effort in the last 10 years. The once booming downtown area had no longer been able to attract quality tenants ad suffered from very little growth in the 90's. In 2012, things are different. The Promenade District who oversees the area has helped with Grants and other subsidies to help attract owners and tenants to the once flourishing area. Downtown El Cajon (Main St.) has been revitalized and residents now get to enjoy the El Cajon Classic Cruise, a weekly car show with live entertainment. The newly built promenade area also offer free concerts and movies for the family to enjoy.

When buying a home in El Cajon, you can rest assured knowing you are protected in the event of a tragedy. El Cajon employs 64 fireman and 120 sworn officers. El Cajon Fire Department offers EMT services as well as a hook n’ ladder rescue vehicle. El Cajon police have a k-9 unit, horse and bike patrol, Swat team, and gang/graffiti units.

El Cajon is a common location for home buyers to begin their search. The median priced El Cajon home is $366,000, which is 20% lower than the state average of $463,000. The average rental price is nearly $1,400 which is 3.1% higher than the state average of $1,344. With the median purchase price being $366,000, a VA buyer could buy a median priced home for as little as $1,721 per month principal and interest. A person putting 20% down could pay as low as $1,397 per month principal and interest. Being within only a few dollars of Rental prices makes buying a home in El Cajon an attractive idea.