Alpine Real Estate

Alpine, a city about 30 miles east of Downtown and just minutes east of the largest city in East County, El Cajon. In the late 1880’s, a local resident suggested the name of the town be “Alpine”, which was the name of her hometown in Sweden which mirrored Alpine’s climate. Alpine has an estimate population of over 14,000 people. The city is somewhat rural as only 530 people occupy each square mile.

The city was first discovered in 1782 when a group of Spanish soldiers were returning to San Diego from Yuma. In 1854, the first regular US Mail route traveled through Alpine on its way to Yuma. Due to the cheap and plentiful land, Alpine was mostly occupied by ranchers, farmer, and rural residents. In the early 1900’s resorts were the main attraction and source of jobs.  There were 6 resorts that attracted visitors from all over Southern California. In 1969, Interstate 8, which runs through the middle of Alpine, was completed. This new method of transportation allowed Alpine to expand at a rapid rate due to its newly formed easy access to downtown San Diego.

The majority of Alpine residents are between the ages of 25 to 44 make up the majority at 32%. The under 18 age group makes up nearly 24% of all residents. The median age in alpine is 41yrs old. Alpine’s population has grown nearly 10% in the last 10 years.

The median home price in Alpine is slightly over $500,000 which results in a cost of living nearly 59% higher than the US average. Alpine is home to the Palos Verdes Estates. This exclusive community is home to some of East County’s most lavish estates. Many former professional athletes call Alpine home once retiring.

If you are looking for peace and tranquility in a rural, quiet setting, you should consider Alpine homes for sale. Alpine is now home to over 30 restaurants, chain grocery stores and drug stores.   Alpine is a great place to call home. Take a look at Alpine Real Estate when looking to buy your next home. The city of Alpine borders El Cajon, Lakeside, Blossom Valley and Rancho San Diego.